Management Software


As a business grows, the employees will find that they are being pushed in more and more directions. Multiple, get it done now, tasks fill their days. But often one employee does not know what anyone else is doing. Tasks get duplicated and vital to do items get missed.

But there is great software out there to help. Here are a just a few of the programs:

1.      CRM: A good CRM (Customer Resource Management) Database is essential. A CRM tracks customers and work in progress.

2.      Habitica:  A great program to keep everyone on the same page. This program is especially good at keeping track of tasks that need to be done on a daily or weekly basis. With the group version, the central admin can assign tasks to the staff.

3.      Project: Microsoft Project is a great way to keep track of the longer-term vision of a company.  At the beginning of a month or quarter, put together a monthly plan of action and then track the progress through Project.

There are many other great solutions, but these are what has worked well for Geek Central.