Playing to Your Weaknesses

We all have things that we do well and things that we do poorly. This is part of being human. As a business owner, it is important to recognize where you are week and surround yourself with people that can fill in the gaps. In addition, surround yourself with people that will give you open […]

Accounting vs. Finance

Many people think that accounting and finance are one in the same. They are not. An accountant handles the day to day transactions of a business. This includes taxes, paying bills, payroll and collecting on invoices. A business will not function for very long without a solid accounting system. A finance officer builds on the […]

Being Authentic

Being yourself is critical to business success. As an entrepreneur, your business reflects your personality, values and ethics. If you are only in business for the money, often clients can spot this. If you try to imitate the success of others, people will be able to spot that as well. So, if you are an […]

Bank Accounts

For entrepreneurs, managing cash is fundamental. One of the best ways to do this is to keep track of the bank accounts. We here at Geeks at Biz balance all our bank accounts on a daily basis. This way we know exactly what has cleared, what the current bank balance is and if any unauthorized […]

Management Software

As a business grows, the employees will find that they are being pushed in more and more directions. Multiple, get it done now, tasks fill their days. But often one employee does not know what anyone else is doing. Tasks get duplicated and vital to do items get missed. But there is great software out […]

Opportunity Cost

Businesses are constantly faced with choices. If I do X, I will not be able to do Y. This is because most businesses do not have unlimited resources. They are limited by both time and money. The choices that they make are known as “opportunity costs.” So, when thinking about options, it is important to […]

Take Time Out

Entrepreneurship often involves long hours, tight deadlines, and little pay. The stress cab wear down even the best business owner. That is why recharging is so essential. This includes taking one day off a week, finding friends outside of the business and basic self-care.  Self-care can include getting a massage, going out for a nice […]

Who Is Answering the Phones?

  Have you ever called a business, only to be greeted by a person who is unknowledgeable, unprofessional or just plain rude. Many business owners do not realize that the phone is the public face of their company. Having an inexperienced person, temporary hire or summer intern can end up costing the company thousands of […]

Cash Flow Solutions

When a business is having cash flow issues, there are only four things that they can do. 1.      Earn more revenue: Go out and sell more of whatever it is that the company sells 2.      Decrease Expenses: Cut expenses. Generally, companies start with what is considered to be nonessential spending and […]

Why A Professional Business Plan?

When a new business goes to the bank for money, having a well written business plan is critical for several reasons: 1.      Shows that the new owners have thought through what it will take to launch 2.      Demonstrates that the new owners are willing to put forward the effort necessary to […]